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Here is a bit of what they have to say...

"I absolutely LOVE this studio. The instructors and classes are great! I've seen results within a month of taking their classes. I constantly recommend this place to people. Thanks girls!!!"

— Dia Y.


These are just a few stories of our clients who put in the hard work to see amazing results.

"To say that Class-Fit Studio has changed my life is a drastic understatement. Before training with Kelly, I was extremely unhappy with my weight and how I looked and I wanted to change that before college in the fall. After my first session with Kelly, I felt empowered and excited to go on this journey due to her encouragement and faith in my abilities. What I love most about personal training is that no session is the same. Kelly puts in a lot of effort to switch up the workouts to keep me on my toes. I won't lie, the workouts are tough, but the sense of accomplishment that is gained coming out of it is well worth it! Because of Kelly and the Class-Fit Studio community, I have lost 30 pounds and have gained the confidence to go into college feeling great about myself which is such an invaluable gift. Thank you so much Kelly!"

--Kristin K., May 2016




"With the help and support of Class-Fit Studio and Kelly as my personal trainer, I have reached my goal weight and have lost 50 pounds since January of 2016! Kelly showed me that working out doesn't always have to include 5 mile runs! I now LOVE exercise and that's because I found a whole new way to workout. Kelly is an absolute amazing trainer and I am so thankful for her!"

--Kristin K., September 2017

Kristin's Story

Robyn's Story

“I was recently (in the last year) diagnosed with Adult Onset Scoliosis and Ankylosing Spondylitis. I have two bum knees laden with stage 4 osteoarthritis, get injections regularly as well has recent minor surgical procedures. Funny thing is with all that hurts the best thing for my joints and my back is to keep moving. How? Class-Fit.

I realized I could modify the running and jumping with walking and marching – I had the full support of both of Kelly and Ann Marie with added bonuses of your sharing additional modifications. Yet, I am motivated. I love the women in the all the classes -- I think Kelly and Ann Marie are just the sweetest and so talented.

I hope my story might help women my age (57), younger and older, who have physical issues that hurt and perhaps even make them feel like they are trapped in their bodies. I have taken my doctors’ advice and adopted modalities into my life that truly enable me to walk and feel both physically better and more importantly emotionally better. I feel strong and always feel better after a class than before one, even on those stiff, “OMG I cannot move” days. I honestly feel like I have gotten my life back!

I like the big exercises, the tiny baby ones in the ballet classes, the new TRX challenges; I love the bands, the balls, the steps, the stretches and more. I love the laughter, the comradery. I love the sore muscles and the sweat. I love the renewed flexibility and balance. I have a new bounce in my step and rush home after those early morning classes to walk my canine pal Gunner. Thank you ClassFit!” – Robyn S.

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