Class Descriptions


New classes are being added all the time. Looking for something that isn't listed? Let us know here! We love hearing about what YOU want.

We will do our best to add it to the schedule in the near future!

  • Open Studio Hours: HIIT Circuit Training - Each day we offer a full body workout in the form of a HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) Circuit. This combines strength training and cardio for the ultimate workout experience. The circuit will be set up for a few scheduled hours each day. You may stop in at any point during that time to complete the circuit. Only have 20 minutes? Not a problem! Want to stay for over an hour? Go for it! A personal trainer will be there to assist with the different exercises.



  • Total Body Conditioning - targets each major muscle group through integrated movements and controlled weight training.

  • Zumba - ZumbaTM Fitness is a fun way to dance your way to a healthy body! With Latin-inspired music and easy to follow dance moves, you will begin to burn calories and sculpt your body.

  • Ballet-Fit - Ballet-Fit combines the traditional movements of ballet barre exercises, and kicks it up into a combination of cardio, muscle toning, and flexibilty to stretch your muscles to be long and lean to create a slender silhouette.

  • Yoga Focus & Flow - this yoga class is designed to meet the needs of the brand new beginner who is looking to understand the basics of yoga posture & class flow & also the seasoned practitioner who is looking to deepen understanding of alignment, & muscular control & activation. Leave feeling calmly energized, centered & focused.

  • Jam-Fit - Jam-Fit will have you sweating to popular dance hits! This class is a remix with everything from cardio to strength training. Didn't hear your favorite tune? We take requests! It will be incorporated into next week's workout.'

  • Lower Body Tone - Focus on tightening up that lower body through a series of exercises, not limited to squats and lunges!

  • Upper Body Sculpt - This class targets the upper body to sculpt your arms, and strengthen your back using free weights and resistance training

  • Body Blast - Anything goes! This class is geared to burn those calories and boost your metabolism! All fitness levels are welcomed.

  • Core + Flexibility - Target your abs and center with core conditioning, followed with controlled stretching to increase flexibility which can reduce injuries in future trainings, and leave you feeling relaxed for the rest of the day!

  • Express-Fit - This short and sweaty class will give you a full body workout in just 35 minutes! Great for those days when you just don't have the time.

  • Class-HIIT - This circuit-style class made up of high intensity exercises uses everything from weights and the Bosu, to the suspension trainer and your own body weight! Each class will end with a challenge to test yourself and progress from week to week!